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    i am working with one project in asp.net..my problem is i have used a datagrid to display data. inside it i used one HyperLink Column.i suppose to do is when i click the hyperlink i have to retrieve the text of that hyperlink(databound).any one who knows how the text of a data bounded HyperLink Column can retrieve please mail me..my e-mail id is luckyr@indiatimes.com

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    It defeats the purpose of the messageboard.<BR><BR>But, have you taken a look at the set of 10 articles on 4guysfromrolla.com on DataGrids? I read them the other day and remember something like what you are asking for.

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    I might be wrong here, so somebody correct me if I am, but... doesn&#039;t the Hyperlink column produce a plain old, non-server control, hyperlink? I.e.: no postback!<BR><BR>Perhaps you might need a Template Column and a LinkButton with it&#039;s CommandArgument set to the value that you want to retrieve.<BR><BR>Just guessing really :-) <BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Darren<BR>

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