Checking for firewalled clients?

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    Default Checking for firewalled clients?

    Hi, <BR><BR>I have a site that is designed for TOTAL newbies. <BR><BR>I will be streaming REAL media to clients, but want to automatically check whether or not they are going to have to change RealPlayers settings to deal with a firewall that they might be behind. Therefore I can alert them of what they need to do before they come to a problem. <BR><BR>To do this, I thought a good method would be to portscan the client on the required port and see if I get a response. <BR><BR>The problem is - I can&#039;t seem to find a "Probing" component. Have tried Google, and this messageboard. <BR><BR>If anyone can recommend one or has a better idea of how to achieve the above, I&#039;d really appreciate it. <BR><BR>Many thanks, <BR><BR>James.

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    Default ** CROSSPOSTED **

    From ASP Q - A<BR>

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