Guys--<BR><BR>I have a routine that does the following when a user authenticates to a site...<BR><BR> Response.Cookies("UIT")("UID") = formatString(rs("UID"), 5)<BR> Response.Cookies("UIT")("UCID") = formatString(rs("userCompany"), 5)<BR> Response.Cookies("UIT")("userName_First") = formatString(rs("userName_First"), 5)<BR> Response.Cookies("UIT")("userName_Last") = formatString(rs("userName_Last"), 5)<BR> Response.Cookies("UIT")("userAddress_Email") = formatString(rs("userAddress_Email"), 5)<BR> Response.Cookies("UIT").Expires = Date + 30 <BR><BR>Which everything appears okay; the cookie is written to my machine...<BR><BR>But when I go to retrieve a key value I get nothing returned when I do...<BR><BR>Request.Cookies("UIT")("UID")<BR><BR> Any help would be great..!