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    I have developed many web applications...and am trying to set up my own webserver but feel like I am in the dark about many things. All of the books, articles, and websites I have read all seem to skip over the things I need to know.<BR><BR>I have installed IIS 5.0 on Win XP Pro.<BR><BR>1) How do I know what IP address to assign? Is it the one that is already there in the website default properties?<BR><BR>2) there a port for each physical network connection you have?? I am connected to the internet only through a 56k modem. Right now my port number says 80.<BR><BR>3) Domain do I setup a domain name so that it will point to my server??<BR><BR>4) Is it even possible to host a site with a dialup connection??<BR><BR>I know this is quite the list...but these things are driving me crazy, I feel like I should know this stuff. I will appreciate any answers or direction towards an appropriate resource.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    If you&#039;re interested in a book, here&#039;s a great one. <BR><BR><BR><BR>And no, there is no practical way to host a site using dial-up.

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