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    Hi<BR>I have a news script that the client wants to use on several international sites they have asked this question<BR><BR> Can I change the character set (ie to iso-8859-1) ?<BR><BR>Isnt this just a clientside issue? - ie the clients browser must support a ceratin character set ... or is there work to be done within the asp scripting to take care of this issue...<BR> - It currently uses an access database but may well use sql server in the future... <BR><BR>thanks <BR>

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    Default You can send header info... tell the client what kind of character set it needs to load (assuming it has it available).<BR><BR>Not sure this is the only way to do it, but:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Which indirectly leads to this, as well:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Looks like "iso-8859-1" *is* the correct preferred name. So you should be home free.<BR><BR>

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