Anyone else had this problem on IIS?

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Thread: Anyone else had this problem on IIS?

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    Default Anyone else had this problem on IIS?

    IIS4, NT4 SP4 on all servers. Hosting multiple sites on one box. We have 2 boxes, TEST and PROD. When making a change to an application&#039s global.asa, we shut down the site the app is on (since you have to), copy the new version into the app&#039s directory, then restart the site.<BR><BR>Works fine on TEST and our personal dev machines. On PROD, we get "Application restarting" for the app whose global.asa was changed, and no amount of finagling or waiting will bring it back. We have to reboot the box.<BR><BR>Anyone else run into this and fixed it?

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    I have run into this before but I cannot remember, if I remember correclty we had to do net stop and net start, but you said you have done that, I also remember manually having to use Kill.exe to remove inetinfo from processes when a change was made. I also had this on one box. Look for some small application called kill.exe, it can kill any process, even when you cant do it from task manager. Like I said I cannot rember what was the soluiotn but I do remember creating a .bat file do to net stops and net starts, sometimes I would just go to services and stop IIS and WWW services and then change the global.asa.<BR><BR>Sorry I was a little vague.<BR>

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