Working with ASP files in FP2000. Why does it wan

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Thread: Working with ASP files in FP2000. Why does it wan

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    I am creating a webpage using FP2000. I have a company hosting the site for me. I have an asp file that posts to another ASP file using a form method. When I click submit on the form however, the download box comes up wanting me to download it. What simple step am i missing here????<BR><BR>Please help

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    I have had precisely this problem (it happens to me quite often)...I hope I can explain it well enough to help you out.<BR><BR>Basically the problem is that FP can direct the browser to look at the file directly on your hard drive vs. having the file displayed through a server (your personal web server, e.g.) (with a http address) and I suppose the browser doesn&#039t know what to do with it. <BR><BR>Try typing the virtual, not physical path to the file in the browser addressbar. For example, If (when) FP does this to me my address bar in the browser will look something like: <BR> C:inetpubwwwrootmywebmypage.asp<BR>and the browser will want to save/open it.<BR>If I simply retype the virtual path to the file through my personal web server:<BR><BR> http://oemcomputer/myweb/mypage.asp<BR><BR>then the PWS gets involved and delivers the right stuff to the browser. <BR><BR>What I found I had to do when I converted to FP2000 was to move all of my web files and directories out of my inetpubwwwroot directory and then ask FP to create a new empty web with the desired name from the "MY WEBS" folder. I then imported (or in many cases simply copied) all the files back into this new folder. If you do this then when FP opens a web for editing, it opens the web using the virtual path through the Personal web server. Then when you preview docs in the browser, it sends the browser the pws address, the pws processes the page, and your browser ends up getting the right stuff. <BR><BR>Does any of that make sense? <BR>send me an email at if I can be of any further assistance.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>

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