Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to design a test to measure the speed of my web site. Here&#039;s what I&#039;d like: <BR>-- I want to know how long it takes to load a given URL and how large the response is. (If I can measure the size of the requests, too, that would be great.)<BR>-- Part of the goal is to test download speeds for modem users, so ideally I&#039;d like to find something where I can run the test from my PC (as opposed to a server-to-server test) and play with different Internet connections. <BR>-- If I could find something that will take in a list of URLs and time how long it takes to load all of them, that would be great. <BR>-- My web site uses nested frames and loads JavaScript scripts, and I need to measure the total size of all of this. <BR>-- I found some VB code that puts a WebBrowser control on a VB form, so that works pretty well for timing web sites and measuring the size of the HTML. Where I&#039;m stuck is measuring the sizes of the nested frames, the images and the JS script files...<BR>-- Whatever the solution is, it has to be free, or near free. <BR><BR>Thanks, David<BR>