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    I logged on as System/manager in Oracle 8i and created a user, and a profile for him.When i connect as the user, i get the following error:<BR><BR>ORA-01045: user NEWUSER lacks CREATE SESSION privilege; logon denied.<BR><BR>As a DBA how do i grant him session privilege?

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    Oracle Security Manager tool and logon using your DBA id/password.<BR><BR>- Find your user in the left hand explorer bar and highlight the user.<BR>- Click the "Roles/Privilgese" tab on right hand side of screen<BR>- Select "System Privileges" from the Privilege Type drop-down box near top of window.<BR>- Highlight the "Create Session" privilege from the available list<BR>- click the down arrow to grant and then click the apply button to finish<BR><BR>OR you can simply execute the following from SQL Plus ; )<BR><BR> GRANT CREATE SESSION TO NEWUSER ;<BR><BR>OR a better solution would be to create a ROLE with all the proper privileges and assign a user(or users) to that role. That way you only need to maintain permissions in one place.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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