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    I am curious, out of all of these things listed here, which in your opinion would be the most important thing to study/start coding? Esspecially the top of the list, the rest is just components. (yes, Maximumasp). Please reply.<BR><BR>Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 SP2<BR>Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit<BR>Microsoft ASP.NET WebControls Version 1.0<BR>FrontPage 2002 Extensions<BR>Visual InterDev 6.0 Server Components - SP5<BR>Microsoft Office XP Web Components<BR>Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.7<BR>Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 3.0<BR>Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 4.0 - SP1<BR><BR>iisCART 2000<BR>iisPROTECTquota<BR>Cyscape Browserhawk 6.0 Enterprise Edition<BR>WebMenu for ASP<BR>PanelBar for ASP<BR>Compsys IntrChart<BR>IP*Works! ASP Edition (over 30 components!)<BR>Persits ASPEmail Premium<BR>Persits AspUpload<BR>Persits XUpload<BR>Persits JUpload<BR>Persits AspEncrypt<BR>Persits AspJpeg<BR>Persits AspGrid<BR>ASPCharge<BR>PSiGate eCommerce Payment Gateway<BR>Cybercash CashRegister MCK<BR>SoftArtisans FileManagerTx<BR>SoftArtisans Archive<BR>SoftArtisans Check<BR>SoftArtisans SessionPro<BR>SoftArtisans FileUp<BR>SoftArtisans JFile<BR>SoftArtisans XFile<BR>VisualASP TreeView<BR>VisualASP ListView<BR>VisualASP MonthView<BR>VisualASP TabView<BR>DynuFTP<BR>DynuPOP<BR>DynuCreditCard<BR >DynuUpload<BR>DynuWait<BR>DynuDateTime<BR>DynuStr ing<BR>DynuPing<BR>DynuEmail<BR>DynuDNS<BR>DynuWho is<BR>DynuEncrypt<BR>DynuHttp<BR>AspMail<BR>AspPop 3<BR>AspLib<BR>AspHttp<BR>AspDNS<BR>AspImage<BR>As pNNTP<BR>ImageSize<BR>ASPPing<BR>LastMod<BR>WaitFo r<BR>ASPCrypt<BR>GUIDMaker<BR>ASPInet

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    Default List doesn't make sense!

    For example, you have the .NET framework in there but then you have Visual Studio 6, which is pre-.NET!<BR><BR>You need to make up your mind what direction you want to go *FIRST* and then we can prioritize the *relevant* technologies.<BR><BR>Including the really important ones you didn&#039;t even list.<BR><BR>

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