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    MC Guest

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    Instead of using Session Variables to track my users, I am storing it in the DB. But when the users log off, the variable is still in the DB and they can still access the page without logging in by saving it as a favorite page. <BR><BR>My question is there a way to set a variable in the DB automatically after a user is not using the web application?

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    Joshua Mann Guest

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    You may be able to use the Response.IsClientConnected method to carry out any actions if it returns false.

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    MC Guest

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    Yeah I did that, but it doesn&#039t do anything. I want to change the DB if it&#039s not connected anymore. Is there a time limit?

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    Joshua Mann Guest

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    Is there a time limit with what? IsClientConnected sends data to the client(like a ping) to see if there &#039Connected&#039. Your not going to get the database to write a new variable to itself after a certain amount of time. If IsClientConnected is not working for you then theres is something wrong with the way your using it.

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    MC Guest

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    Here&#039s my code.<BR><BR>If the user is connected, I would call the Sub AddScreen to save the field as "6", if not save the field as "0" in the DB. <BR>If Not response.isclientconnected then<BR> Call AddScreen(UserId, 0)<BR> Response.End <BR>else<BR> Call AddScreen(UserId, 6) <BR>end if

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    you can set the variable in the db in the Session OnEnd in the global.asa - this is a place to put clean up sode.<BR>good luck

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