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    Ila Wadhwa Guest

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    I have included and ActiveX Exe in my project and have created an object of that Exe. But when I try to use that object I am able to see only the methods of that exe. I am not able to see the Events. How can I also view the events that I have written in the ActiveX Class?

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    AbiNasheet Guest

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    Where are you looking at the methods, events? In Object Browser or where? ActiveX EXE can also be used from outside VB IDE but that is as Out-Of Process. Not clear where from where you can not see the events. Explain please..

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    Ila Wadhwa Guest

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    Hi AbiNasheet,<BR><BR>After creating the object when I say<BR>myObj. then only the methods are shown.<BR>The script outline also does not show the events of the ActiveX Class

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