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    I&#039;m trying to use the readreceipt property of the Message Object, but I receive the error... Any ideas?<BR><BR>Object doesn&#039;t support this property or method: &#039;ReadReceipt&#039; <BR><BR>Set cdoMessage = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message") <BR><BR> With cdoMessage <BR> .From = "" <BR> .To = "" <BR> <BR> .deliveryreceipt = true<BR> .ReadReceipt = true<BR> .Subject = "Sample CDO Message" <BR> .TextBody = "This is a test for CDO.message" <BR> .Send <BR> End With <BR> <BR>Set cdoMessage = Nothing

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    I wasn&#039;t aware of any .readreceipt property. where&#039;d you get this from?<BR><BR><BR>

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