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    I am working on a change management tool. A form displays information about an incident and the user can update a number of items in the form. Changing most of these items only changes an integer value or a boolean - (changing a Status from active to investigate). However, the description field is text and additions add more text. In order to keep a history of changes made, I am considering this strategy: Instead of simply updating the row, I will change the current record status to inactive and write a new row that contains the changes that were made. This way I will have a record of each change. The problem is that I am afraid that resaving the description text each time will quickly result in a large amount of historical data. So, I am considering creating another table that holds the text and an ID that will point to the corresponding record in the incident table. In this way I can simply update the description, but create a new row in the incident table to track the history of all other changes to that table. Maybe that sounds convoluted, but it might work. The problem is that this scheme would require 1. Detecting a change in the description - I don&#039;t want to update that if something else was changed. 2. Updating two tables that have a relationship. This is being developed on an access DB, so as far as I know, I can&#039;t use a transaction to assure that a double update suceeds. What is the best technique to accomplish this? Is there a better overall approach? <BR><BR>Thanks, Dave

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    you could also strore old datas on the date &#062; 3 month then &#062;&#062;&#062;&#062; xml or other "slow" strorage

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