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Thread: Afraid newsletter will be filtered as spam

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    Hi,<BR>I built an ASP page that can send a newsletter to registerd users (who explicitely asked to receive a newsletter) that are stored in the database. I have no problem building the mailer, but I have concerns because I think such a email might be filtered by ISPs or email software as spam. I did&#039;nt find much information on the subject on the web.<BR><BR>The easiest way to build a newsletter would be to add the many recipients in the bcc, but could a email with too many recipients be filtered?<BR><BR>I found a tutorial that loops through the recipients and sends them each a distinctive email with cdonts. I thought of that option before, but will it overload the server? I mean, if my newsletter has 1000 recipients, that means 1000 cdo objects sent each time...<BR><BR>Maybe I could also divide my recipients in sub-lists of maybe 50 people to minimize the number of recipients for each email, but the reason why I don&#039;t like this idea is if one of these emails fails at sending, that would mean retry to send this email only. I would prefer having all the recipients in one email if possible.<BR><BR>Anybody have comments on this?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Martin

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    If you send to hundreds of people in the BCC, it probably will be filtered as spam. <BR><BR>And you are right, ASP is not a good choice for this

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