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    I am making a member's only section for my web site and I am using ASP. What I want to do is have the URL people are redirected to hidden to the public. So instead of seeing http://www.site.com/protected/members.html they would see either the login page (www.site.com/login.html) or something to that affect. Thanks.

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    Well, you can do this with a frameset. <BR><BR>You should also put a simple security measure on the members pages. <BR><BR>When the user logs-in, give them a cookie. On your members pages check for the existance of this cookie and if they don&#039;t have it redirect them to a login page. <BR><BR>If you do that, and someone does find out the URL of your page (which is always possible--you can&#039;t absolutely "hide" a URL) it won&#039;t matter all that much. <BR><BR>Shane

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