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    How can i create my own mail server on my stand alone pc which can send and recieve emails. Please if anyone can provide me the code for it, will be more appreciated. Please help me out ..its urgent.<BR>Thanks

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    Well, <BR><BR>First you have to get a copy of Microsoft Exchange Server (or similar product) Then you have to get a domain name. You&#039;ll need an ISP to hook your server up to the net. You&#039;ll need to tell them you&#039;re running a server, too, because you need to have your MX records updated. You can&#039;t do this through any cable/dsl provide I&#039;ve ever heard of. <BR><BR>After that, you have to configure the mail server, setup mailboxes, configure a mail client to work with the mail server and then you should be able to send mail. <BR>

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