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    You may be asking yourself, "Why is this guy here working on Thanksgiving weekend?". The answer, I don&#039;t know, I love this stuff! And I sure hope it pays off big some day! &#060;BIG GRIN&#062;<BR><BR>I have been taking up VB.NET for a while, seems like a natural progression/diversion from Classic ASP. I am starting to build an application similar to http://www.thebrain.com (Personal Brain, don&#039;t worry it will be a while b4 I am anywhere close to my own similar app) but I am doing it anyway, so I can get my feet painted in Software Programming rather than Web scripting.<BR><BR>Firstly, I was wondering first if anyone has a favorite forum, like this one, for VB.Net<BR><BR>Secondly, how do I store all of the data that will be put into my "Bookmark" app? Do I use some sort of proprietary app, make it use Access, what other way will the VB.Net app store all the input?

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    The .NET forum here is ok for the basics. I also go to ASP.NET for more advanced help. As for you second question, I do not know what your "Bookmark" app is. What are the requirements? Can you give some details?

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