Can anyone tell me what this error means?

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Thread: Can anyone tell me what this error means?

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    Default Can anyone tell me what this error means?

    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039;80040e21&#039; <BR><BR>Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done. <BR><BR>-----------<BR><BR>It referenced line 19, which is ...<BR><BR>&#039;Open the record table and then insert the record. <BR> RS.Open "fonemailtest", DataConn, adOpenKeyset, <BR> adLockOptimistic <BR> RS.AddNew<BR> <BR>ln 19 -&#062; RS("Fonemail_Num") = Request("Fonemail_Num")<BR> RS("Date") = Request("Date")<BR> RS("Greeting") = Request("Greeting")<BR> RS("Who_Sent") = Request("Who_Sent")<BR> RS("Dept") = Request("Dept")<BR> RS("Sent_Time") = Request("Sent_Time")<BR> RS("Ticket_Num") = Request("Ticket_Num")<BR> RS("GEEC") = Request("GEEC")<BR> RS("Description") = Request("Description")<BR> RS("Start_Time") = Request("Start_Time")<BR> RS("End_Time") = Request("End_Time")<BR><BR>------------<BR><BR>Can anyone help me out? Thanks!<BR><BR>- Brad

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    Default debug

    what the value of Request("Fonemail_Num") <BR><BR>Your table field might be complaining about the value being returned by of Request("Fonemail_Num"). What datatype is your table field... numberic, alphanumberic....

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    Default *Sometimes* you can get more info...

    ...this way:<BR>&#060;%<BR>...<BR>RS.Open "fonemailtest", DataConn, adOpenKeyset,adLockOptimistic <BR>RS.AddNew<BR><BR>DataConn.Errors.Clear<BR>On Error Resume Next<BR>RS("Fonemail_Num") = Request("Fonemail_Num")<BR>On Error GoTo 0<BR>For Each Oops in DataConn.Errors<BR> Response.Write Oops.Number & ": " & Oops.Description & "&#060;br/&#062;"<BR>Next<BR>Response.End<BR>...<BR>%&#062;< BR><BR>That "Multiple-step" thing means that the DB was performing more than one operation even though your code was only doing one thing. So it can have more than one error, and it doesn&#039;t know what to do but report it that way. WHEN IT WORKS (and it doesn&#039;t, always), the loop through the collection of connection errors shows more info.<BR><BR>

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