How to use request.form("ListBox").SelectedIndex property??

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Thread: How to use request.form("ListBox").SelectedIndex property??

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    Default How to use request.form("ListBox").SelectedIndex property??

    I built a form containing a list box with ten items and a button.<BR>The user will select an item from the list box and then he/she will press the button and the form will be submitted.<BR>After that I will do some processing and will show some results on the lower portion of the screen and on the upper portion of the screen I have to show the same list box(with value set to the one selected by the user) and the same button.<BR>Rest everything I have done but you tell me how can I access the properties of list box with the help of request.form as I can do the same thing very easily with FormName.listBoxName.PropertyName.<BR>Moreover I want to use the SelectedIndex property of the list box after form submission.<BR>In a nutshell how can I access selectedindex property of the <BR>list box after the form submission? <BR><BR>Reply ASAP.<BR>

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    hai gautam <BR>If u r using select option <BR>use &#060;SELECT NAME="somename"&#062;<BR>in the form <BR>use &#060;OPTION value="somelistname"&#062;Listname<BR>after submitting the button <BR>u can retrueve the data through <BR>Request.form("somename") you get the value of the "somelistname"<BR>if you want to use the selectedIndex property <BR>It&#039s better to use the Javascript<BR>that&#039s all i know<BR>any more q&#039s<BR>mail me <BR><BR><BR>

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