Hi Guys,<BR>I have a vb wrapper dll which in turns call fortran dll. vb wrapper dll is called in asp page.<BR>All values are returned byref and their data type is variant.<BR>I have done error handling in vb dll. If an error occurs in fortran dll vb dll&#039;s function returns &#039;false&#039;, traps that error<BR>and throws to asp. It works in all cases except when overflow occurs. <BR>If I call this dll into vb application dll function returns &#039;false&#039; overflow exception is shown through property (ok) but <BR>it not same with asp. In asp function returns true, displays some junk values, why?<BR><BR> What I couldn&#039;t understand is for same input values:<BR><BR>1.Why dll function returns true (no error) to asp even when overflow occur.<BR>2.Why it displays invalid numbers-&#062; "-1.#IND" (if assume no error occured). <BR>3.Does asp calls dll functions in different way? Handles variables differently. <BR><BR>If someone gives me an idea, clue to start with, I will appreciate very much.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR> Pankaj