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    I&#039;m getting very frustrated. I&#039;ve got this long algorithm to fill up SECTIONS in a database. There are several rules about filling up the sections - mainly teammates cannot be in the same section for example.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got 3 code blocks where I decide how many players to a section, fill up the minimum # of teammates per section, and fill up the remainder teammates per section.<BR><BR>The 4th and last section is supposed to randomly fill up the remaining players in the remaining sections and I keep getting an error when I try to update the record that I have too many tables open. It&#039;s BS because I explicitly set all my references to NOTHING every time I iterate through.<BR><BR>So, I made sure I was using the latest JET version, service pack, and MDAC. Then, I explicitly closed (objRS.close) every object in addition to setting it equal to NOTHING.<BR><BR>Now, the error I get is that it won&#039;t update the record because two users are trying to access the same database. That&#039;s BS, because there is only one instance that is trying to update the record. I&#039;ve released all other references.<BR><BR>It seems like every time I try to update this record, it finds a bogus reason to error.<BR><BR>If I need to post code, I can, but it&#039;s very long.<BR><BR>Please advise.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>clkou75

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    Default Always close...

    ...your tables. I&#039;m surprised to read that you just set the reference to nothing WITHOUT closing the recordset (or connection) first. I don&#039;t think it&#039;s a very good idea. Always close your recordset, then set the reference to nothing, then close the connection, and then set that reference to nothing also.<BR><BR>Anyway, I&#039;m not sure why you&#039;re getting the other error now that you close everything first. Have you tried re-booting the web server to ensure everything is closed? Maybe it&#039;s worth posting the code (or rather, the relevant bits) here.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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