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    how can i create the user login form in following situation <BR><BR>(1)if user already in database then alert him that he is already in database try another ID <BR><BR>(2) if user forget his password how can we provide him new password through updata statment. <BR> if it is possible in made sense because i am beginer<BR>

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    Default What do you mean?

    I&#039;m not sure what you mean. What is the problem with "creating" the user login form?<BR><BR>If the user already exists, send him to an error page which tells him he&#039;s already in the database.<BR><BR>If the user forgets his password, send him an e-mail with his password.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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    Default This was answered yesterday

    But, for option 1, run a query to return any records with that user name, if any are returned then the user already exists, so let them know.<BR><BR>BUT it is not a good idea as they now know that there is a user with that login name already in existence, so a hacker could then use that and try to work out the password.<BR><BR>It is not normally a problem to have two users with the same login name ***as long as they have different passwords***<BR><BR>For option 2 just email them the new password to the email address they supplied you with when they registered. Or as was previously suggested, get them to answer a secret question as many sites do.

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