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    Hi<BR>Ive written a news type app for a client but the client has asked this question <BR><BR>Can I change the character set (ie to iso-8859-1) <BR><BR>This presumably means that they want to use the app with different languages ... the app is standard asp and currently runs from an access database...<BR><BR>does anyone know what is involved in making sure the content is compatible with other character sets ?<BR><BR>thanks<BR>

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    Check out CodePage in your favourite search engine.<BR>I built an app that is in Japanese running on an English OS -I stuck session.codepage = 932 into an inc file at the top of every page.<BR>Obviously the code will differ depending on the language.<BR> - a tip I received from Bill Wilkinson who is now asleep and therefore can&#039;t give you the same advice himself.

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