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    Every time I try viewing help topic in vs.net I get an mscordmp.exe. The following is displayed in the error report:<BR><BR>An unhandled exception has been caught by the VSW exception filter. AppName: devenv.exe AppVer: <BR><BR>7.0.9466.0 ModName: jscript.dll<BR>ModVer: Offset: 0001fae0<BR><BR>I have tried re-installing the documentation but still get the same problem. <BR>Anyone know how to fix this?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help

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    Hi , u should uninstall the VS.Net. Then start installing the VS.Net. some times it gives an error. Once ur system installed the VS.NET ( if it gives any error which belongs to system dll or other ..better to uninstall and start fresh installation.

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