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    how can i create the user login form in following situation<BR><BR>(1)if user already in database then alert him that he is already in database try another ID<BR><BR>(2) if user forget his password how can we provide him new password through updata statment.

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    have a boolean field that lets you knoiw if he/she is logged in or out. Also, store the login Time, which you can update with each page view. use the logintime, to check if the session is expired, if it is, then tell hime to log in again, if its not, and he is logged in (boolean) then bounce him out and tell him to wait for expire.<BR><BR>As far as the password is concerned, when people register, they should provide you with an email address, send the password to that email, do NOT create a new one without the user verifying the old password. <BR><BR>OR......<BR><BR>You could have a secret question typoe system, where people answer a few questions about themselves, that they specify at registration time, and if they get all the answers right (normally one or two questions) then allow them to reset their password.<BR><BR>HTH.

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