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    Hi guys,<BR>I am running a rather complex query on our Db server via asp, and although it works in most cases, when I add an OR statement to part of it, I get an <BR>[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Timeout expired <BR><BR>Is there anyway to change the timeout period on this ?<BR>The query I am running is shown below, which I must say works fine apart most of the time..<BR><BR>Select c.p1 FROM<BR>(select top 50 a.personid as p1, a.name as p2, a.OUC as p3 FROM ( select persondetails.personid, name, ouc FROM<BR> persondetails LEFT JOIN CSCO_zero_calls_taken_month ON persondetails.personid = CSCO_zero_calls_taken_month.personID left JOIN<BR> team_call_monitoring ON<BR> persondetails.personid = team_call_monitoring.ein WHERE (((CSCO_zero_calls_taken_month.personid) Is Null)) AND <BR><BR>&#039;----Problem Section. Works fine if it is just 1 option ----&#039;<BR><BR>left(persondetails.ouc,3) = &#039;SCC&#039; OR left(persondetails.ouc,4) = &#039;SCBM&#039; <BR><BR>group by persondetails.personid, name, ouc ) as A LEFT JOIN<BR> ( select ein,ouc, observer_type,date FROM <BR>near_live_Data Where date between &#039;28/09/02&#039; and &#039;25/10/02&#039; AND observer_type = &#039;QCR Team&#039; <BR>group by ein, ouc, observer_type, date ) as B ON<BR> (b.ein = a.personid) where b.ein is null) as C LEFT JOIN team_call_monitoring ON c.p1 = team_call_monitoring.ein where team_call_monitoring.ein is null order by rand(c.p1)<BR><BR><BR>Cheers for any advice.<BR>Regards<BR>Paul<BR><BR>

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    you can change the timeout by :<BR><BR>&#060;%Server.ScriptTimeout = 2000%&#062;<BR>where 2000 is the time, ( milliseconds)

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