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    In my asp application i am using COM objects to access the in each the methods i am calling under a class <BR>i am using the connection object to connect the database the connection string is being passed through the web page to the method.After executing the connection i execute the Stored procedure get the results and destroy the connection..This is being done for all the methods which i am calling form the web page...will this be a performace issue since everytime i am creating an active connection to the does com handle this so that it does not make a new connection evert time... or does it make a new connection always......

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    Default Yeah, try to change that...

    Maybe open the connection object in the VBScript code and pass the already-opened object into the COM code? And then use the same connection for all queries on the page.<BR><BR>Yes, it makes a new connection, always. <BR><BR>Connection pooling mitigates this, somewhat, by keeping a pool of connection *objects* sitting around, but each of those still has to do handshaking with the DB when you do the open. (These are under-the-covers connection objects; not the ADODB.Connection objects. *THOSE* still have to be created from scratch every time.)<BR><BR>

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