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    Hello<BR>I&#039;m doing a little maintenance on a site (I didn&#039;t build) - changing stuff to set instructions. They&#039;ve asked that the session.timeout be changed from 6 hours to 2 hours.<BR>Am I wrong or is this absolutely way over the top too long? A two hour gap between mouse clicks? This site is running on Windows Server with dual pentium 3 1.0Ghz processors and 2Gig of ram - and maxes out at less than 2000 concurrent users. At 1000 it&#039;s using a fair whack of CPU resources. The Database is on a seperate machine with bigger specs.<BR>I&#039;ve got no idea with sites this big, but could most of this CPU hogging (if it is hogging(?)) be due to this really really long session timeout?<BR>Would appreciate any opinions on this!<BR>Cheers<BR>Greg

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    Personaly I would say thats a bit much, I like that default 20 minutes

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