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    I&#039;m manually creating(not using configuration assistant) a database &#039;sample2&#039; in Oracle 8i.<BR><BR>1.My initsample2.ora file is in C:oracleadminsample2pfile directory.The scripts for database creation (catalog.sql, catproc.sql) are in the C:oracleora90
    dbmsadmin directory.<BR><BR>Where should I run these scripts from..?Do i need to move these scripts to the sample2 directory and run them from there or can i run them from their current path.<BR><BR>2.I need only 4-5 tables inmy database, do i have to run scripts other than the Create Database, Catalog.sql, Catproc.sql...??<BR>Thanks.

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    Default *** ORACLE HELP NEEDED ***

    (I don&#039;t know the answers, *at all*. I just added this line to hopefully get somebody who knows Oracle to look at it. Good luck!)<BR><BR>

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    1) It doesn&#039;t matter where you run the scripts from as they are just (probably) create statements, in fact you can probably do something like the example below; the important thing will be the username/password so that the the scripts go in the right schema -- I would have thought the scripts would [should] have comments to explain things<BR><BR>sqlplus username/password@oracleconnect @C:oracleora90
    dbmsadmincatalog.sql <BR><BR>2) I would have thought you would need to run all of the scripts it looks like you have procedures/packages to add in (from catproc?) -- again I would hope there would be comments -- have you looked through the scripts?

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