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    This is a challenge:<BR>Does any one know how to get a round Servers to run ASP Scripts specially with Access database connectivity. <BR>What I mean is I would like to build ASP Web pages at home using FP2000 I don&#039t have any server and when I am not connected on line how would I test my ASP scripts. My database is residing on the same level of my pages, so How would you test ASP scripts on a local machine with out having any server or line connection.<BR>Any help is appreciated<BR>

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    I am not sure what you mean, but you only need one machine to write/test/develop asp pages. You need NT Option pack for NT machines and PWS for Win9x. Once you have either of these on your machine, you reference your own machine as http://localhost, you also put the DSNs on your own box. So lets say I have inetpub/wwwroot/gary/test.asp I would put in the browser address area: http://localhost/gary/test.asp (ASSUMING I MAKE gary a virtial directory). I have a smaller machine and a laptop with not internet connectivity, but both are developing and test machines for .asp.<BR><BR>Hope that helps

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    thanks gary,<BR>this realy helps but my what i need to learn also that, is there any other way beside PWS and NT option pack. like say if i put some of those ASP pages on a flopy disk, what files do i need to add to it so it can run correctly on a stand alone pc with non of the obove options available to it.

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