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    I&#039;ve got an ASP app on our DMZ, which was running fine. The Web app talked through the firewall to a SQL Server DB on the internal network. Operations decided to move our ISA Server out of the DMZ and on to our internal network. After that move, anybody who routed through the ISA server, started receiving random time out errors on one particular form. This one form does require a large amount of data to be passed through. Again, it was working fine before the proxy server got moved inside. The time outs seem totally random. The Web app does use SSL. When updating the page in SSL, the user gets the following msg:<BR><BR>-------------------<BR>The page cannot be displayed<BR><BR>~ 7 options to try<BR><BR>Cannot find server or DNS Error<BR>Internet Explorer<BR>-------------------<BR><BR>When updating the page not using SSL, the user gets the following error msg:<BR><BR>-------------------<BR>The page cannot be displayed<BR><BR>~3 options to try<BR><BR>64 - Host not available<BR>Internet Security and Acceleration Server<BR><BR>Technical Background<BR>The gateway has lost the connection with the Web site you are tyring to access.<BR>---------------------<BR><BR>Again, the form will work fine sometimes though, it&#039;s totally random for as far as I can tell. Although it does seem to occur more when more data is being added to the form. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks so much.

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    This is surely in the domain of your Sys Admin. It&#039;s pretty obvious to me that this has nothing to do with your programming.

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