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    How&#039d you like to EARN while I LEARN?I&#039m looking for someone who knows asp/database/SQL 6.5 inside outWe are developing an online music community/label for Latin Music. Currently fine tuning our Proof Of Concept site.....financing pending.I need some help getting some essential elements up and running quickly (Most of which I have made some progress on already) These include:1. Interface for our employees to add/edit information re our Artists & Labels that resides in an SQL 6.5 database. (Later I will want to give the Artists and Labels access to this in order to EDIT their own info)2. Templates for each of our "Band Pages" (and "Label Pages"). I want all elements to come from the Database....It has to draw info from three tables: 1. Artists table WHERE Artist=selectedArtist 2. Catalog Table WHERE Artist = selectedArtist and 3. From the Tours table where Artist=selectedArtist. The last complication is that each page needs to request the parameter lang....and run an if-else function in order to display certain elements of the page in either English or Spanish (later we plan on adding Portuguese so maybe a case argument is better). One of the elements I want on this page is button that runs a query that creates a lists of other bands of similar styles.....This is a complex query because first it has to establish the styles of the selectedArtist: SELECT Genre1, Genre2 FROM Artists WHERE selectedArtist=Artist. Then it has to run another query: SELECT Artist FROM Artists WHERE Artists.Genre1 or Artists.Genre2 = Genre1 or Genre2 the selectedArtist....3. Step Three is to institute a system for managing Articles. I have (partially) installed one system4. Step Four is to Add the Admin Utility for Artists and Labels...From there I want them to be able to (I have already done some work on this re the log on portion): Add, Edit or Delete (their own) Tour Dates Edit their own information (as mentioned in #1 above)5. After all that I have to work on Mailing List managment....I want every Label Page and Every Band page to have a sign-up for that Band&#039s/Label&#039s Mailing list. From the Admin area I want the Labels or Bands to be able to admin their mailing lists.6. Then we have to do a Shopping Cart system that will serve up links for downloaded products...There are some other odds and ends...but that is the core stuff.If interested, contact me at jay@latinovision.comwww.latinovision.com
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    first off, it sounds like your database is, how shall i say this, architecturally challenged.<BR><BR>i&#039d start out by moving to SQL 7.0 (the upgrade isn&#039t that expensive and if you&#039re willing to pay the rates a competent ASP developer will demand, you should be able to afford the upgrade). second, i&#039d completely redesign the database. from the sounds of it, it&#039s a nightmare.<BR><BR>good luck<BR><BR>kurt

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