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    I&#039;m trying to write a routine that creates a tree structure from a database. Basically, each record in the database has the following:<BR><BR>Root - the parent of that branch of the tree<BR>Node - the name of that branch.<BR><BR>i&#039;ve set a top branch of the tree to a specific name in my asp script, and i&#039;ve done it will recursively get any branch in the tree with the same script depending on the address line eg:<BR><BR>if address line is &#039;searchpage.asp?idroot=treebranch&#039;<BR><B R>then it will return the searchpage.asp, which is scripted to output the contents of the record with root name &#039;treebranch&#039;, and output all the subbranches of the tree sub to that branch as hyperlinks, which will reload searchpage.asp with idroot set to the root name of the subbranch.<BR><BR>This script actually works as well! However, not for long. after a bit of testing, entering different address lines to show different branches of the tree, and pressing hyperlinks, i get a stack overflow error. Stranger still, i can keep going after this by refreshing, then after a while I get an unescapable run time error - &#124<BR><BR>error &#039;ASP 0115&#039; <BR>Unexpected error <BR><BR>/current/arr_index3.asp <BR><BR>A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running. <BR><BR>&#124- and i don&#039;t have a clue what error this is and how to solve this problem. Mayday!

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    Default microsoft says

    don&#039;t think this helps much, but it&#039;s the best I could do;<BR><BR>;en-us;q194190

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