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    ``Leave gold and myrrh and jewels,<BR> Rich table and soft bed,<BR>To them who of man&#039;s seed are born,<BR> Whom woman&#039;s milk have fed.<BR>Thou wast not made for lucre,<BR> For pleasure, nor for rest;<BR>Thou, that art sprung from the War-god&#039;s loins,<BR> And hast tugged at the she-wolf&#039;s breast.<BR><BR>

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    ``The ox toils through the furrow,<BR> Obedient to the goad;<BR>The patient ***, up flinty paths,<BR> Plods with his weary load:<BR>With whine and bound the spaniel<BR> His master&#039;s whistle hears;<BR>And the sheep yields her patiently<BR> To the loud-clashing shears.<BR><BR>

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