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    Mauricio Vladimir Guest

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    ``But thou--what dost thou here<BR> In the old man&#039;s peaceful hall?<BR>What doth the eagle in the coop,<BR> The bison in the stall?<BR>Our corn fills many a garner;<BR> Our vines clasp many a tree;<BR>Our flocks are white on many a hill:<BR> But these are not for thee.<BR><BR>

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    Default *** are you doing?


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    Mauricio Fuentes Guest

    Default XVII

    ``But thy nurse will hear no master,<BR> Thy nurse will bear no load;<BR>And woe to them that shear her,<BR> And woe to them that goad!<BR>When all the pack, loud baying,<BR> Her bloody lair surrounds,<BR>She dies in silence, biting hard,<BR> Amidst the dying hounds.<BR><BR>

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