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    I have a problem .<BR><BR>I have a ASP page that contains some data<BR>i want to display this data when the user clicks on a button namely<BR><BR>&#060;input type = "button" value = "Excel Data"&#062;<BR><BR>I want to some how connect this button to a event may be a Click event such that the data from a recordset will be displayed in Excel format...<BR><BR>the issue is I do not know how to process the onclick event associated with a client side script and attach it to some form of a function or routine on the server side so that i can display the data<BR><BR>any hints on this???<BR>-bhavin

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    See the FAQs on this on this site. You can get a record set. Write it to a .txt file which is really a .csv file that Excel will read. I have not done exactly what you are trying to do but it is possible. FSO is your best route.

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