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    Hi, asp gurus<BR>I need some help with the following problem.<BR>The customer needs to input a promotional code to the textfield, and the code needs to check if the code is the "correct" one for our company. If the code is correct, then the price charged will be different. How do i do that?<BR><BR>I write the function for the drop down list, but now i need to change it to text field and i am having troubles. Please help. Thank you.<BR>

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    Default this is either dead simple...

    ...or really complex.<BR><BR>If the code is just a string--only one value possible--then it&#039;s dead simple:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>If UCase( Trim( Request("PromoCode") ) ) = "ZQ445781WW" Then<BR> ... give the discount ...<BR>End If<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Where, of course, you replace that "ZQ..." string with the real thing.<BR><BR>If, on the other hand, the PromoCode is customized for each user--say some kind of encryption of their customer number?--then how can we answer that without knowing the encryption algorithm.<BR><BR>The thing I can&#039;t figure out: How is this any different, on the ASP side, than when you used a &#060;SELECT&#062; on the client side???<BR><BR>

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