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    am using a script component that uploads a file, but i am customizing it so i can add in the form some data about the pic. <BR>i put it as input type=text, but i can&#039;t use it; the script uploads the file using REQUEST.BINARYREAD so i can&#039;t reach my input variable, ... any suggestions please i would be grateful :)

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    Default Read the docs for the component

    If this is pure VBS code, then read the code to see if it isn&#039;t creating a collection of Request info for you. If not, dump that code and go find a better version. (I think from ASP101.com???)<BR><BR>If it&#039;s *really* a component, then it should have documentation. Each component has it&#039;s own quirks, so you&#039;ll have to consult the docs.<BR><BR>

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