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    hi,<BR>i am wondering how to go about writing a simple shopping-cart application for a small landscaping business. we have only about 30 different tree and plant types to include.Would you have any examples i could look at or is there anyone who has done this before that could help.<BR>cheeers<BR>barry

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    Default Don't build from scratch!

    This is very cumbersome and can be potentially very insecure. I would go with a model that is well known, even a cookie cutter example as a trial (maybe yahoo).<BR><BR>Have you looked at has a shopping cart in asp (which runs entirely through querystrings, cumbersome). Even sample scripts section at has some free scripts.<BR><BR>If you have never built a shopping cart, it is a great learning experience, but a potential client nightmare. Expectations are often too high for sales (leftover&#039;s from dotcommers) and timetables are very difficult to estimate. Building from scratch is expensive. <BR><BR>Good luck

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