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Thread: dropdown that allows additions?

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    Default dropdown that allows additions?

    In my Quicken application, there is a place to enter payees (it is a dropdown but first looks like a text box) and it remembers what you type in there; anything new becomes an additional dropdown item, it&#039;s pretty cool.<BR><BR>I would like to create something like this by staarting out with about 5 dropdown items and if the person starts typing something not on the list, it will become a new item. <BR><BR>Anyone seen something like this - is it more of a javascript? Can it be done?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>John

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    Default Not in HTML...

    If you know the user his MSIE you could install an ActiveX control...if you could convince the user to allow you to do so.<BR><BR>Simplest solution is a &#060;SELECT&#062; and an &#060;INPUT Type=Text&#062; side by side but tied together with onChange event handlers.<BR><BR>Yes, of course it is 100% JavaScript.<BR><BR>

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