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    I have the following code snippet in couple of my pages.<BR><BR>var popwin = window.createPopup();<BR>popwin.document.createSty leSheet("../Styles/Style.css");<BR>var oCal = new Calendar();<BR><BR>where Calendar is a user defined class which is present in a include file. This class has methods(javascript,html code) to build a calendar. <BR><BR>When we try to access any of the page that contains this code it gives the error as "Class not registered". <BR><BR>This error appears in IE 5.5/IE 6.0.<BR><BR>Please let me know the possibilities for this error to occur in this scenario and what could be the fixes that could be applied for this. <BR>

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    Default Give the *full* error message... might give us more info than what you&#039;ve shown.<BR><BR>But it&#039;s hard for us to try to diagnose a problem that is obviously specific to your environment. After all, not only is Calendar your own creation, so too are createPopup( ) and createStyleSheet( ).<BR><BR>It&#039;s possible that there is some sort of interaction between those that is causing the problem. (I don&#039;t *THINK* there is, but how can we be sure?)<BR><BR>

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