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    Default Need a multple page browser with contents filter a

    please visit for details and download free trial version<BR><BR>A Powerful multiple page Browser with popup free, custom WEB filter, Flash capture,cache management and page translation<BR><BR> Easy Browser is a multiple featured Browser with multiple site view in one window,Popup free,Contents filter,flash capture and language translation.<BR> Easy browser meets all the expectations for a modern browser, with many features not found in Microsoft Internet Explorer. One feature that many surfers will find they can&#039;t live without is the ability to disable unrequested pop-up windows on Web sites. Easy Browser also lets you open multiple browser windows and display multiple Web pages in a single tabbed window at the same time. <BR> Easy browser can block URLs and domains you dislike, if you don&#039;t want some URLs and domains to be passed through, you can drop them into the block list. also you can define the block list by wildcard key words, it&#039;s powerful because it enable you block any groups of Links such as ADs, images,videos or other media .<BR> Easy Browser is a smart tool for capturing flash on the Web. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, there is no direct way for user to save the interesting flash files. With Easy browser, you can capture the flash links within webpage into preview pool then you can save them freely.<BR> Easy Browser Seamlessly integrated with online translation engines helps you browse sites in choice of 15 different languages<BR> Easy Browser supports keyboard shortcuts operation, enable you to turn the loading of images, sounds, videos, and animations on and off by one click. <BR> EasyBrowser has an easy, familiar IE user interface,it manages history, temp files, favorite, search engine and cookies easily. <BR>

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    This guys done this before.. we need to get rid of him.. although I guess he could just sign up again. uggghhh

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