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    On my site <BR>http://www.expressmicro.com/newsite/search.asp - I would like to put this search form on http://www.expressmicro.com/newsite/index.asp - but here&#039;s the problem. When putting the search.asp code into the index.asp page and running it I get the following error:<BR><BR>Response object error &#039;ASP 0157 : 80004005&#039; <BR><BR>Buffering On <BR><BR>/newsite/***-engine.asp, line 63 <BR><BR>Buffering cannot be turned off once it is already turned on. <BR><BR><BR>On line 63 of ***-engine.asp this is what is displayed:<BR>Response.Buffer = false;<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated!<BR>-Natasha<BR>

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    Default So don't do it!

    Remove that line. I dunno why you&#039;d ever want to turn buffering off, anyway.<BR><BR>

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