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    i am passing a SSN from the first page to the second.The second compares the SSN with the SSN list in an excel file.If the SSN is found,the corresponding row is displayed else SSN invalid message is displayed.<BR>This worked fine yesterday until today when i made a few changes to the excel if the ssn does not match,i get the message SSN invalid.however even if i give a maching SSN,i get the HTTP 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.<BR>why so??

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    Default Fix your browser settings...

    If you are using MSIE, find "Internet Options" among the menu items at the top of the screen (with MSIE 6, it is under the "Tools" menu).<BR><BR>Click on "Internet Options".<BR><BR>Click on the "Advanced" tab.<BR><BR>Find the checkbox that says "Show friendly HTTP Error Messages".<BR><BR>**UNCHECK THAT BOX**.<BR><BR>Say "OK" to get out of the menu item.<BR><BR>Close the browser.<BR><BR>Open a new browser. <BR><BR>Now try your problem, again. See if you don&#039;t get a *REAL* error message now, one that you can try to decipher.<BR><BR>

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