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    Hi I am John<BR>I need a help.<BR>Can any one tell me how to reload as asp webpage.<BR>I am not able to reload My Images from My server after Re-uploading that it using ASPUpload component. <BR>Images are displaying from My Browser History.<BR>Please Reply as soon as Possible<BR>With Love And Prayer<BR><BR>

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    Dear John,<BR><BR>I belive ur quesion is not clear, what are u trying to do. <BR>Tell me What do u mean by to reload asp webpage?. check this solution if it fit for ur question.<BR><BR>Sol#1<BR>if u mean to reload server to client then asp has nothing to do with.. use Meta-refresh tag <BR><BR>Sol#2 <BR>If you are trying to upload client to Server using upload component and it is not overwriting then check/read upload parameters to overwrite existing image on server.<BR><BR>Sol#3<BR>if u sucessfuly reload the image and have confirm on server that new image is there and your browser is not showing the image then clear the history. <BR>in IE click on tools &#062; Internet options &#062; clear history<BR><BR>if none of then is your situation then resubmit your quesiotn again with detail.<BR><BR>A.ALI<BR><BR><BR>< BR>

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