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    Hi to all<BR>I need help from some one<BR>I have a temp folder on web server<BR>Temp folder always contain one file.<BR>type of the file may be different i.e. zip, doc etc<BR>I am sending mail to some clients<BR>I want to attach temp folder file as attachment<BR>Now problem is i dont know how to get file path from temp folder<BR>Please Help me<BR>Thanks in Advance<BR>

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    Default Where does the folder sit?

    Is it within in the web root? If it is, use "Server.MapPath" to get the physical path.<BR><BR>For example, your temporary folder is at "" and the web root it "C:MyDataInetpub\", Server.MapPath("") would return "C:MyDataInetpub emp".<BR><BR>I hope this makes sense.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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