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    I want to make a website using ASP and I dont know if the hosting I am interested in would be a good place to start.. could a couple people check out there site and let me know..<BR>http://www.primarisnetworks.com/

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    Default They support asp, access and offer

    sql as an option. The monthly fee to me seems high though. This is the host I use:<BR><BR>http://www.infoquest.com<BR><BR>They offer asp support (no .net yet unfortunately ), several components, allow access databases and up to 5 domains per account. I believe they give 200mb of space. This is one of the best hosts I&#039;ve found for the money, 19.95 a month. I also have an account on burlee:<BR><BR>http://www.burlee.com<BR><BR>Their price is a bit better but they have nothing in the way of components and they charge for every little change you want to make to the account. Reliable though and allow access/asp.<BR><BR>I&#039;m sure there are other decent hosts available as well. Perhaps someone else has some other suggestions?

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