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    Hi, <BR><BR>I build a website with a layer for input of text, and through a java script I put it into a form, and submit it. Like this:<BR><BR> function SaveHTMLPage() {<BR> if (EditHow == "TEXT") { <BR> foo.innerHTML = foo.innerText;<BR> EditHow = "HTML";<BR> }<BR> document.SaveForm.maand.value = maand.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.begintekst.value = begintekst.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.vraagstuktitel.value = vraagstuktitel.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.vraagstuktekst.value = vraagstuktekst.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.slot.value = slot.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.vraagstuk1.value = vraagstuk1.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.vraagstuk1tekst1.value = vraagstuk1tekst1.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.vraagstuk1tekst2.value = vraagstuk1tekst2.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.vraagstuk2.value = vraagstuk2.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.vraagstuk2tekst1.value = vraagstuk2tekst1.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.vraagstuk2tekst2.value = vraagstuk2tekst2.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.vraagstuk3.value = vraagstuk3.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.vraagstuk3tekst1.value = vraagstuk3tekst1.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.vraagstuk3tekst2.value = vraagstuk3tekst2.innerHTML;<BR> document.SaveForm.submit(); <BR> }<BR><BR><BR>It al works fine, but when the input has to many characters, it brings an Javascript error (iex 6.0) And it says that the syntax is incorrect... What variable here is to small and how do I resize it?<BR><BR>thanks<BR><BR>Bjorn Huijbregts

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    sorry, not enough information to even make a guess.<BR><BR><BR>

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