How do I setup a site in IIS 5

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Thread: How do I setup a site in IIS 5

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    Default How do I setup a site in IIS 5

    Currently my customer only has the Default Web Site in IIS 5. That is where they have been putting their HTML/ASP pages. I wanted to create a new site so that they stop using the Default site and I can then point the Home Directory over to one of the new hard drives.<BR><BR>I added a new site and gave it a basic name. I gave it the external IP address of the site. On the Host Header page I put along with Port 80. I stopped and started both the Default site and the new site. Still, when you go to it pulls up the files under the Default Site and not the new site I created. <BR><BR>What am I missing?<BR><BR>Note: The Default site has “All Unassigned” for the IP address.<BR>

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    try a specific IP address in the host header dialog.

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